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Welcome to my page.

Here you will find my blog and information about my projects.

Released my watchface for Pebble Time

10. july 2015

I finally got my Pebble Time, and I have therefore released by watchface "Decor". Find it on the Pebble app store.

First post for new website

12. april 2014

I decided to make a new website. It does not contain much content at the moment. But here I will add information about the projects I have been working on. The images are from

Curriculum Vitae


2013: Masters Computer Science - Aarhus University

2011: Bachelor Computer Science - Aarhus University

2007: Bachelor English, and Film and TV - Aarhus University


2013 - present: Programmer at ITK, Aarhus Kommune

2012: Programmer on "Storm i Faaborg", an App for iPhone and Android for Øhavsmuseet

2011: Student programmer at JP/Politikens hus


Decor - a Pebble Time watchface

A watchface for Pebble Time I am working on. I have called it "Decor". I have created my own font for the watchface.

Now available on the Pebble app store.

Individ i fællesskab 1

The product of the first year with the poetry robot has been made into a book. Made with my brother Christoffer Ugilt Jensen.

Get it here: Individ i fællesskab 1

Individ i fællesskab

A poetry robot. Made with my brother Christoffer Ugilt Jensen.


Master thesis

The topic of my master thesis was: Precomputed volume transfer for efficient subsurface scattering. The goal was to accelerate the rendering of subsurface scattering through precomputations. The images below are made with the rendering algorithm I implemented.

The thesis is available at Statsbiblioteket or here as PDF. The code and images from the thesis are available here.

Storm i Faaborg

App for Øhavsmuseet in Faaborg. I was programmer on this project. The app is for iPhone and Android and was released on 12. Oct. 2012.

Ray tracing

As a part of the course "Rendering Algorithms" I made a ray tracer that features global illumination (photon mapping) and sub-surface scattering. Click the images to see larger versions.

Artistic filter (a data parallel algorithm)

As a part of the course "Data Parallel Algorithms" I made an artistic filter that runs on the GPU with an acceleration factor of 400 over a single core CPU implementation. The filter is multiple iterations of the bilateral filter that preserves edges.


Click here to download.

A mastermind game in Java from the first year of Computer Science.